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HPLD Nerd Con



  • Cosplayer from Assassin's Creed.
  • Cosplaying Claira Oswald.
  • Two cosplayers at the con.
  • A cosplayer at the con.
  • A cosplayer at the con.
  • Cosplaying Harley Quinn
  • Cosplaying characters from Attack on Titan.
  • Cosplaying Spiderman.
  • Cosplaying Harley Quinn.
  • Cosplaying a character from Black Butler.
  • Cosplaying a character from Harry Potter.
  • An alien at our con.
  • Cosplaying the Green Lantern.
  • Cosplaying a character from Harry Potter.
  • Cosplaying a character from Undertale.
  • Cosplaying characters from Halo
  • Cosplaying characters from Halo.
  • Cosplaying a character from Captian America.
  • Cosplaying Doctor Who.
  • Cosplaying Cat Woman.

The HPLD Nerd Con is a small scale convention set up with the goal of introducing our rural community to the ever-growing world of comics, cosplay, video games, and other aspects of pop culture.

The day is full of panels, fandom meet ups, activities, and giveaways. Come see your favorite characters in real life during our Cosplay Show, or pick up some awesome art from our Artist Alley. Bring your friends along and show them who’s boss in our Gaming Lounge, or take some selfies in our Photo booth.

Want to know the best part?

Admission is FREE.


  • Cosplaying characters from Star Wars and Doctor Who.
  • An art panel at our con.
  • Giveaway comics at our con.
  • A fandom meet up at our con.

To get the most up to date information on the year’s Nerd Con, please check out our Facebook page!