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points earned


points earned
Carnegia is a land divided.
Two factions, “the Compendium” and “Rhapsody,” have been locked in the battle for centuries, convinced that their philosophies are what is best for the land.
With the fighting coming to a peak, this summer will be the deciding factor.
Who will rule the realm, and reap the rewards, and who will be left to lick their wounds?


Carnegia’s factions are made up of clans:

the Compendium

The Bound
The Archive
The Cataloged
The Portmanteaus


The Withdrawn
The Discarded
The Renewed
The Consortium

We believe that the structure created by rules and regulations set the stage for our quest for knowledge to be the most important thing.


The Bound


Fierce and honorable, this group has vowed to protect the Compendium and all of it’s ideals.



Habitat/Dwellings: The Bound live within the city limits, usually as close to the wall as possible. Their apartments are traditionally minimalistic modern opulence. A lot of marble with gold accents.

Language: Common with a clipped accent.

Miscellanous information: The Bound love titles. If you say their name, be sure to list all of their titles.

Representative: Ardrah Sunblade, General of the Fourth Section


the Bound visual reference board

The Archive


The Archive is tasked with the acquisition and preservation of knowledge. They are in charge of the Compendium’s most valuable resource: the Great Library.




We believe in the freedom to choose your own life, in everyone pulling their weight, the importance of creativity, and that sometimes impulsive actions are the best solution.